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Argan Hair Care Oil Blend
Argan Hair Care Oil Blend

Argan Hair Care Oil Blend

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Shiny healthy hair

This product is great for adding an extra smooth shine to your hair and reduces the breakages. If you're looking to add some extra shine and protection to your hair care routine, I highly recommend this product.

it really works

A lot of my cousins and aunts asked me how does my hair look so healthy and shiny. The only thing I changed was by using the Botalife Argan Hair Care Oil. So people can see the difference in my hair after using the Argan oil.


Ultimate Hair Remedy for All Hair Types     100% Pure, Damaged Hair Treatment All Natural Oil Treatment to Strengthen/Smooth Hair/Reduce Breakage and Moisturize Scalp for Healthy Hair Growth 

Argan oil is rightly referred to as' liquid gold.' Yes, the Argan hair care oil blend additional to Argan oil with all the essential oils inside such as jojoba, castor, garlic, peppermint, olive oil, turpentine and laurel leaf oil is magical, which will make your hair long, dense, and bright.


Argan oil is extracted from the Moroccan argan tree and is used as a skin-nourisher for ages — to soften and improve hair growth. It helps to promote strong and healthy hair.

Argan oil is full of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids that heal your hair and work wonders. The argan tree is locally referred to as "the blessed tree by the Gods," originally grown in Morocco. The benefits of argan oil naturally increase the hair's elasticity and consistently restore brightness by means of high levels of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

High-quality oil-infused products are important for preserving clear, healthy hair because hair oils are designed to penetrate your strands as opposed to serums that usually sit on the surface of your strands.

As a styling product:

Argan oil provides excellent shine to the strands and has major anti-frizz benefits. For curly hair, it can be used to help really define the curls.

As a scalp treatment:

Because Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, it can be an effective scalp treatment. It can help reduce the scalp inflammation that leads to dandruff, itchiness, and other scalp issues.


Other Benefits

Botalife Argan Hair Care Oil Blend is a blend of all-natural oils that nourishes your hair from the root to the end thanks to its 100% natural formula. It helps improve the damaged hair and helps your hair healthy, shiny and super glossy.


Argan oil, Flaxseed oil, Olive oil

Castor oil, Jojoba oil, 

Almond oil, Turpentine oil

Laurel leaf oil, Peppermint oil

Garlic oil


Directions for use

Apply the oil to the clean hair by rubbing the hair for 2-3 minutes to allow the product to spread evenly and penetrate the hair follicle, leave it for 30 mins. Then wash and rinse your hair. For best results apply 2-3 times a week.


What's in the box
1x 100ml Glass spray bottle