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100% Natural Goodness

Where we do things differently. 100% natural cold pressed & essential oils and beauty products is our thing.

Natural is Beautiful

We truly believe that the safest and most effective way to look best and feel healthy is to use natural, eco-friendly products. Increasing research connect chemicals to health conditions such as allergies, hormonal disturbances, fertility issues, cancer, and many others in conventional cosmetics, skin care, and other personal care products. Color additives are the only cosmetic ingredients controlled by the FDA, meaning that almost anything can be used in cosmetics. It makes it very difficult for customers to know which goods can be harmful.

Our goods are 100% Natural

Natural Stuff is an importer and exporter of BotaLife brand cold pressed & essential oils and natural beauty products.

Our products are made of the 100% pure highest-quality ingredients, and we guarantee to only serve you with the highest quality products available in South Africa.

  • BotaLife is a brand of cold pressed & steam distilled botanical oils with a range of health and beauty benefits and excellent quality natural beauty essentials.
  • The company is passionate about All Natural Black Seed oil.
  • This family-run Pharmacist owned brand’s products are made using tried-and-tested methods that ensure excellent purity and quality.
  • BotaLife oils are packaged in dark glass bottles, which are fitted with droppers for added convenience.
  • No artificial additives, preservatives or fillers are added.


With Natural Stuff’s products, you will have:

Natural Stuff offers good pricing and shipping on our Black Seed oil, Oregano oil, Beauty products and other amazing oils. You will pay less for more product.

Quality Guaranteed 

Our Botalife is an exceptionally high-quality Black Seed oil, this product is a huge success in the US market. The Botalife Black Seed oil far exceeds the standards of purity and potency adhered to by other Black Seed oil products. 

Satisfied Customers
Our testimonials, found here, speak for themselves. You can check at Takealot and our website.